Gabrielle Earls

Yoga teacher & Doula

Gabrielle Earls has been a yoga teacher for over 10 years.She continually updates her knowledge with respected mentors, midwives and yoga teachers in Australia and internationally. She is a recognised as a prenatal yoga educator through Yoga Alliance ( and teaches an international 85 hour prenatal teacher training qualification. 

Gabrielle wrote Birth in Awareness - a handbook of prenatal yoga as a resource for yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, birth professionals and pregnant women interested in practicing yoga while pregnant. Observing that the number of people practicing yoga through pregnancy and that the popularity of yoga has steadily risen, inspired Gabrielle to publish her work. The book was written to share her knowledge, learnings and teachings gained over the last ten years through her journey both inward and outward. Gabrielle's intention with this book is to raise awareness and build confidence of both people teaching pregnant women yoga and those practicing yoga while pregnant.