“Gabrielle Earls has blessed us with her book, Birth in Awareness. It is so very useful, practical and well done, that it makes my heart sing!

Folded in these pages is a perfect blend of the essential nature of yoga for mothers, the science/anatomy of benefits, plus balancing of spirit.

Gabrielle brings her Doula skills to light by making the “How to” so clear that mothers and teachers of yoga feel guided and supported in their practice. The illustrations are simply wonderful. I am astonished.”

Robin Lim ~ Midwife, Doula, Grandmother

March 2017, dawn, Bali, Indonesia

“In this gem of a read, Gabrielle offers us not only an interesting and informative handbook to navigate pregnancy, yoga and birthing for yoga teachers but also a supportive roadmap for a mother-to-be on her journey. Her own fascinating story is part of the wisdom she offers, and yet she has an incredible ability to see everyone’s journey and practice as unique and their own. I’ve been blessed to have her input on many of my Yin Yoga teacher trainings since she herself took the course. If you cannot have her advice or support in person – then this is the next best thing!”

Mel Mclaughlin ~ The Yin Space

“Finally a comprehensive book on prenatal yoga which will add value to any dedicated prenatal yoga teacher, as well as all those teaching general classes with little options to offer for the occasional pregnant student coming in. Gabby has made all the information any yoga teacher should know easily accessible, with beautiful illustrations and clear and precise explanation, and without losing the depth of yoga. I would take it further and say that even Doulas, Midwives and other health-care professionals working with pregnant women will get something valuable out of this book.”

Dini Martinez ~ Prenatal yoga teacher, Doula, Mother of three

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